Brazilian Butt Lift

This procedure is the primary method of tightening the skin of the buttocks, either by implant placements, by fat grafting or a standard lifting of sagging tissues. Skin in this area may sag due to ageing or after weight loss following bariatric surgery.

The surgery is usually performed by an incision that extends across the entire lower back from hip bone to hip bone under general anaesthetic or under local anaesthetic with conscious sedation. Liposuction may be performed above the incision in the hip region, if excess fat is present. Excess skin is removed and the incision is closed with sutures and drains.

A buttock augmentation through fat transfer involves fat collection through liposuction from areas in the lower back, waist, flanks, thighs, and stomach, followed by injection of this donor fat into the buttock through hundreds of tiny injections at different depths.

An elastic compression garment is often placed immediately following surgery which should be worn for three to four weeks. Bruising and swelling are normal and can take several days to heal. Your doctor might advise you to sleep on your stomach for a few nights after the surgery. The sutures will be removed in two weeks and numbness might be felt in the thighs, which fades within a year, as do the scars.

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