A Paediatric department that prioritizes the health of your child

At Amwaj Polyclinic, we promise to take the best possible care of your child.
As a parent, you want what is best for your child, and that extends to medical care. Amwaj Polyclinic’s Paediatric Department offers a range of services for children of all ages and we are proud to have the best Paediatric Dermatologist Dubai has to offer.

Our Specialist Paediatrician have years of experience in treating young children and liaising with their parents, and the Department provides a wide range of Paediatric services, as well as offering parents outstanding advice and guidance regarding all aspects of their children’s health.  

Paediatric Immunology and Allergy Management

Generally, a child’s immune system fights against infections; however, if a child has Allergies, his/her immune system tries to fight against things that are harmless for the body e.g. pets, pollen, certain food and medication. At Amwaj Polyclinic, we’ll create a tailor-made treatment plan for your child, ensuring you can rest assured your child will be safe and healthy.


It is vital to protect your child against dangerous and sometimes life-threatening diseases such as Whooping Cough, Measles, Mumps and Rubella, as well as offer them protection against common illnesses such as Influenza so that their sicknesses are limited.

At DLC, we offer a full range of childhood vaccines and most importantly, we can develop a treatment plan, ensuring that your child receives his/her vaccines at the recommended age. 

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